- AYR  2018 - 

After last year's cancellation we're all hoping for good weather and a return to the natural order.  Although there are issues with Ayr railway station, apparently the adjoining hotel is falling down and it has meant a restricted train service from Glasgow. It might be we will have to check on the Friday morning what our options are. There are trains running to Ayr but with a reduced capacity- 3 or 4 coaches which means they will be more manic than usual, there are also some that are stopping at Prestwick then you have get a bus. If this is the case I would miss my taxi skin so I might bring a hidden football team card to sell on the train/bus to make up for it

The plans are :

  • Meet in the Goose at 11:00am.

  • Decide on which train to go for.

  • Plan on the hoof as usual.