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DIXIE -- Brian Deans AKA 'Dixie' for obvious reasons and AKA 'Daftie' for even more obvious reasons the bhoy was in the wrong queue when the grey matter was being dished out.

Over the years Dixie has been the prankster within the group, always game to put someone to his comical sword. It has to be said that he had a lot to work with when the Beast and Barry were about and it has to be said they did deserve it. He has been infamous for hiding the weirdest things in the guy's sports bags ranging from a flipper, which everyone has taken home at some time to woman's shoes and handbags...some never got returned!!. He is devilishly patient when waiting for the right time to strike.

He is also the legitimate father of Kermit although details of the affair are scarce. He has since adopted the frog claiming it was out of the goodness of his heart but DNA tests have subsequently proved there is no doubt - Yes - Dixie is part frog!!

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