Kermit has become the mascot of the Good Sesh Club outings and has been on most of the trips to the races, except for a few notable occasions that were outwith his control, yes Dixie you know who we're talking about !!

He started his membership back in the Cowglen office being part of the group who trained. He took pride of place in the dressing room alongside his foster parent Dixie. Kermit has had a hard life, firstly trying to have an intelligent conversation with Dixie which wasn't happening ever. Then two traumatic episodes in his life which both physical and mentally scarred him.

He was frognapped and held captive for a long period during which time his captors sent a ransom note with one of his little green fingers demanding an extortionate amount, nay a kings ransom ...£25, bottle of irn bru and 20 mayfair.

The club did not give in to these terrorists and after a period of many many months and with the help of NATO (National Amphibian Trust Organisation) he was released and some time after this he accompanied the lads on the first ever visit to Ayr races. He refused to speak of the ordeal and hasn't uttered a word since.

He did suffer another ordeal at the hands of supposed benefactor Mr Deans when he got 'lost' in his garage for about 6 months because the lazy bas couldn't be bothered to go and look for him. This shocking behaviour saw Mr Deans severely sanctioned for his lack of respect, although in his defence the bhoy isn't dealing with a full deck. He was allowed to continue to care for Kermit under Social Work supervision for the first 6 months and was then allowed to share in Kermit's PIP payments. He also agreed to keep Kermit fully stocked with the amber nectar as the amphibious one is quite particular to a wee swally of an evening.


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