If you know your history....


The Good Sesh Club was the name dreamt up by a group of guys who worked at the National Savings Bank, Cowglen and trained each lunchtime over a long number of years.  Often declaring their day's training to have been " a good sesh" and so the name was born.

The numbers in the club were never high probably no more than 20 in total over the years were permitted into the hallowed reaches of membership. An example of old rules is opposite

The main founders were :

  • Phil Coleman...AKA...The Big Man (well that is only one of his many pseudonyms

  • Noel Smith... AKA ..Smudger

  • Brian Deans...AKA...Dixie

  • Tony Owens...AKA...T

  • Billy Mckim...AKA...The Beast.

Other long term members were Billy Wallace,  Barry Kearney.  There were also several other temporary members who lasted varying lengths of time but nothing like the guys above.

When the Big Man got his redundancy, the first of this group to achieve this, it was decided to celebrate the event by the lads above and a few other friends of Phil going to Ayr races for the day. As with the lunchtime training it was a hilarious day out so much was it enjoyed that it was decided that it should be repeated annually and all go back on the same Friday of the Ayr Gold Cup meeting in September.

Over the years the number dwindled until only four of the founders were attending each year, The Big Man, Smudger, Dixie and T.

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