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Noel Smith -- AKA 'Smudger'. He is guilty by association with the Big Man. The two have been inseparable over the years except when Phil was rushed to hospital while in work with a suspected heart attack and when Noel found out he rushed straight to the hospital, only to find out it was too late the Big Man had gone! ...Gone straight back to work cause all he had was wind! Smudger missed his tea break and was not best pleased and very often reminds the Big Diddy.

Rumours abound that he was involved with the KKK -Kermit Kidnap Klan- a dastardly group who frognapped Kermit and mutilated him in an attempt to extort money. No definitive proof was available only the 'knowing ' smile on his face every time he saw Dixie crying.

He has lately been burdened with driving the lads on their weekend away at the races every 2 years. He says he likes driving but he gets more pleasure out of annoying Phil about the amount of petrol money we should contribute.

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