The Big Man - -Phil Coleman, over the years he has acquired a massive amount of nicknames. Usually  after he has made an arse of himself or someone has ripped it out of him again.

He has affectionately been known as :

Gilbert - slipped on the wet grass and ended up splayed like the giraffe.

Sid James - spent several weeks walking about with a picture of Sid James on his identity pass (kindly stuck there by Dixie)

Barraclough - after his new role in the prison service becoming a trained observer

Hamster shorts - because he used to store shuttlecocks in the pocket of his shorts

The Mantis- self nominated as he described his stance at baddocock

There are lots of others and not enough ink left in my pen to list them all with explanations.

The Big Man is the elder statesman, well the oldest and can someone who lived in Cumbernauld be a statesman? OK he's the oldest and I'm sure he'll agree that he is always treated with the greatest of ....what's the word that begins with 'R' .....yes that's it with the greatest of ripping of the pish !

He is known to be a bit grumpy at times especially when the correct protocol is not followed usually by Dixie, he's a stickler for the proper etiquette to be followed or else he'll produce a fancy word to try and baffle us